With these tips, you can make the World Cup your flirting hotspot

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With these tips, you can make the World Cup your flirting hotspot

It will soon be time again: on June 14, the World Cup starts and then everything is about flanks, offside and the all-important golden goal. For many girls this may be a nightmare, but don’t panic, because a World Cup can not only be exciting, but also offers the best way to find a summer flirt or the love of your life. We have put together eight tips for you on how to fish for your dream man despite the World Cup and, by the way, also awaken the football spirit in you. Flirt Despite Football!

1. Get infected by the nation’s soccer fever

For many, the word football may be a foreign word, but such a world championship is THE highlight of the popular sport. The best countries compete against each other and are cheered on by millions of people in front of the screens or in the stadium. For Germany in particular, it’s about defending the title, which makes the whole thing even more exciting. Give the whole thing a chance and see how the Germans fight for the cup and beat the opponents. Who knows, maybe you will even get a little excited about the sport.

2. Football just for men? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The men often claim everything about football for themselves and women then have little to say. The female team does at least as well when it comes to competing against the best football nations in the world. The German women have won the tournament twice, even though the Women’s World Cup has only existed since 1991. The men, on the other hand, have only managed to win the cup four times since 1930. Women can at least keep up and do not have to hide from the supposedly strong gender.

3. Fire up the team at the public viewing

No matter whether in the beer garden or in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: Thousands of people will cheer on the games together at the public viewing. The atmosphere is indescribable and cannot be compared to the couch at home. If a goal is scored, the fans lie theatrically in their arms and the tension is charged when it comes to the all-important penalty. You even get goose bumps as a football newbie. In addition, there are tons of singles in public viewing and the flirting potential is huge. Maybe you will meet a hot flirt there for the evening? Give it a try!

4. Celebrate the victory and maybe also your new love

After the game is before the celebration: Once the game is won, the right party starts. The night is still young, so go out for a drink with your friends after the game or join the car parade. So you can quickly get into conversation with interesting people and maybe you will find your dream prince. In the summer temperatures, you can take a short walk after the games or relax in a quiet spot from the nerve-wracking game.

5. Bridge the half-time break with a little flirt

Especially after an exciting first half, the break can seem like half an eternity. So how about using the fifteen minutes for a break flirt and talking to other people. Maybe the right person is there and if not, you try your luck again.

6. Don’t bore your crush with your lack of interest

Nothing is worse than bored people, and flirting doesn’t make it easier if you stress every five minutes how boring you find the game. A disinterested expression makes you uninteresting in your crush. So try to enjoy the game or distract yourself from football with exciting conversations, because nobody wants a bored partner who can’t get excited about anything and has no fun in life.

7. Do’s and don’s when choosing clothes

We all know them: the sweatbands in black-red-gold, the Germany jersey of the 2006 World Cup with Ballack as the lettering or the tasteless flower chains around the neck. Fan articles can be funny, but often they just look cheesy and make you look like a circus clown. But even infinitely high shoes and the little black dress don’t really match the World Cup flair. Dress up the best way you feel comfortable and nothing stands in the way of flirting.

8. No idea about football? Then just ask!

Let’s be honest: when it comes to football expertise, women cannot always score. The good thing about the World Cup is that it is not bad at all not to know every player in the Bundesliga, let alone the position in which they play. In the summer it will be all about cheering on the teams and ultimately being able to celebrate a joint victory. It does not matter who is in the goal of the Spaniards or which assistant coach sits on the bench of the French. Simply use your missing knowledge for a little flirt and ask your crush if they can explain the video evidence to you and you will start talking.

9. Watch out for thirst quenchers

A cool beer is part of a soccer game like the ball to the goal. If the temperatures then skyrocket, you like to drink one over the thirst. But beware! Nobody likes drunk people who can no longer stand on their own two feet and just hang around. So leave it at one or two beers and enjoy the evening without an alcohol flag.

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