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The best outdoor pools for flirting

We have waited long enough and now it is finally here: summer. With the rising temperatures, the outdoor pool season is finally opening again. So for us it means getting out of your clothes and into your bikinis, swim shorts and Co., because after all, there is nothing better than a little refreshment paired with a lot of singles who are also looking for Mister or Miss Right. But where do you find your summer flirt best and which outdoor pools in the republic should definitely be tried out by the singles among you? We found that out for you and anonymously analyzed for four weeks how active our app users were in the three outdoor pools in the 15 largest German cities.

Let’s be honest: Especially in the outdoor pool, we always keep our eyes open, because where else is a little flirting easier than in the cool water? In addition, there are always at least a handful of hot singles among the bathers. Munich offers the best chances of a date on the edge of the pool. There were a total of 5,064 matches among users during the period. With 3,502 matches, the Cologne team also seem to be looking for their better half and land in second place. The users met 3,194 times in the Stuttgart outdoor pools, making them the frontrunner in the southwest of the Republic. In Düsseldorf (2,980 matches) and Nuremberg (2,848 matches) the singles are in a flirtatious mood.

Summer, singles and swimming pools

Often it is the first impression that makes us want to get to know a person better. Hamburg singles seem to be particularly popular with users. In the Marienhöhe outdoor pool in the Hanseatic city, the top value of 94 likes per user was reached. The users are also extremely popular in Nuremberg. In the Westbad, each user received an average of 72 likes. In the Hanoverian Volksbad Limmer, the singles seem to be similarly appealing and also received 72 likes. If you are looking for a flirt in North Rhine-Westphalia, you are guaranteed to find an attractive date in the Düsselstrand leisure pool in Düsseldorf (67 likes per user). At the Kettwig swimming center in Essen, users again received a good 61 likes.

The leader is Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the leader in the city comparison with an average of 67 likes per profile. In second and third place are the Rhine cities of Düsseldorf (61 likes per profile) and Cologne (46 likes). Hanover (46 likes), but also Munich (45 likes) has just as many attractive singles.

In summer we would like to jump straight into the love adventure, but without a date it is more difficult than expected. It is particularly easy for the Dresdeners: here the singles have their first match after 53 likes and find the fastest way to find each other. Duisburg residents can also find a date for the evening relatively quickly in the city’s outdoor pools (56 likes per match). In Munich, users like 65 profiles until they meet for a match. The Esseners, but also the Bremeners, have to wait a similar length of time: they have an average match after 66 likes.