Happiness in the game and happiness in love: This is how the soccer players love the 2018 World Cup

In a few days the ball will roll again and the World Cup will start in a new round. Even moderate football fans can be enthusiastic about the tournament, but we are actually much more interested in what it looks like in the lives of footballers off the pitch than the score. Which national players are in firm hands or have even started a small family and for which country do most singles play? Which soccer nation is multicultural in the relationship and where does age not play a role in love? We found that out for you. Of course, we couldn’t take a closer look at the players’ wives and their professional lives.

Almost every third player in the tournament is still available

Every athlete during the World Cup is a feast for the eyes of us spectators, especially when changing jerseys, but unfortunately the majority is already taken privately. A good 26 percent of footballers are in a steady relationship and over 43 percent have committed to marriage. Brazilians are the leaders in marriage at 78 percent. Just under 35 percent of the German national team are married to their partner, however over 43 percent of the team are in a relationship. The Spaniards apparently don’t value a wedding either, since over half of the players are only in a relationship. But we also have good news for the singles among you: Around 30 percent of all players are still available. At 65 percent, French athletes in particular are still looking for love.

Three quarters of the goalkeepers have already been awarded

It is not the strikers who end up in love, but rather the goalkeepers, especially many direct hits. Almost 54 percent of the last men took their loved one to their wife and almost half of the defenders and midfielders married their partner. Four tenths of the attackers are still available and only 26 percent are married.

French, Swiss and Germans love it multicultural

In a relationship, many soccer players apparently don’t care how old their friends are or what country they come from. Especially for the French, love knows neither age nor origin. They are on average 3.8 years younger than their wives and 37.5 percent of the hearts are from a different country than their partners. The Uruguayans, on the other hand, are somewhat older than their wives, with an average of one and a half years.

There is only a small age difference among the Germans: the players are a month older than their partners.

In addition to the French, the Swiss also like it internationally: Every fourth player loves a woman who does not come from the Alpine Republic. In the German team, almost 17 percent of men are in a relationship with a woman from different backgrounds. The Swedes, Argentines, South Koreans and Serbs, on the other hand, have no binational relationships.

Youngsters in short supply in the German team

As with marriage, the South Americans are in the lead when it comes to starting a family. With an average of 1.35 children, the Argentines have the most children. The Brazilians with an average of 1.13 children and the Uruguayans with 1.09 offspring per head land in second and third place. European champions Portugal top the list in Europe with an average of one child per player. For us Germans, however, the stadium party will be rather small after a win. With a total of six children, the Germans together with South Korea come in last.

Even is the player woman

Let’s face it: Under a player’s wife, we usually imagine a person who can hardly save himself from vacationing in Miami, Dubai or the Maldives, who carries Gucci bags financed by her famous husband and who is not on her own two feet. We wanted to put an end to the cliché and in fact women can at least keep up with their husbands when it comes to professional success. 29 of the 289 ladies of the heart earn their money as models and make the stadiums their own catwalk this summer. There are also nine female athletes among the wives and some of them have already crowned their careers with a World Cup, which puts them ahead of their husbands. Eight women, in turn, pursue their profession as actresses. So it is not entirely true that player women have nothing to do professionally.